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Where we stand: Taxes

Published on June 15, 2013

The Idaho Mining Association supports:

  • A fair, balanced and stable state tax system designed to raise sufficient revenue to fund essential government programs and services;
  • State and local tax systems that encourage investment and economic growth;
  • An exemption from sales tax for production equipment; and
  • Limited growth in state government programs and services to levels consistent with the growth in population and adjusted for inflation.

Specifically, the Idaho Mining Association supports:

  • Elimination of the property tax on personal property such as equipment and ┬ámachinery;
  • Tax credits for new capital investment;
  • Tax credits for the creation of new jobs;

The Idaho Mining Association opposes:

  • Local option sales or income taxes;
  • Increases in the state sales tax rate;
  • Expansion of the sales tax to services;
  • Any increase in the mine license tax;
  • Any increase in the corporate income tax;
  • Elimination of the investment tax credit;
  • Elimination of the production exemption.
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