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Silver in the Cartons Helps Extend Shelf Life of Milk

Published on September 22, 2015

Minerals such as silver help preserve milk.In their August newsletter, the Silver Institute had an article on a report from the Brazilian company, Nanox, who increased the shelf life of milk from 7 to 15 days by incorporating silver-based microparticles into their plastic bottles.

The CEO of Nanox, Luiz Pagotto Simões, said, “We already knew that using antimicrobial silver in rigid or flexible plastic food packaging improves conservation and extends shelf life.  We tested it in the polyethylene used to bottle grade A fresh milk in Brazil. The result was that we more than doubled the product’s shelf life solely by adding the material to the packaging, without mixing any additives into the milk.”

Nanox also plans to market their product in Europe and the United States.

To read the entire article in the Silver Institute’s newsletter, click here.


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