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December 6, National Miners’ Day

Published on December 17, 2015

Poster2-NationalMinersDayNational Miners Day was Sunday, December 6th.  This commemorative day was designated by Congress to honor the mine workers of today and yesterday, whose contributions have helped make America strong.

National Mining Association’s president and CEO, Hal Quinn said “Our miners take great pride in what they do, and rightfully so. They are the front-end of the supply chain for what every sector of our economy needs to succeed. Our nation depends upon them getting it done and getting it done right—safely, reliably and efficiently.”

The U.S. Department of Labor’s website has an article on National Miners Day which states:

Mining has a long and proud tradition in the United States which continues to this day. About 366,000 miners today extract nearly 100 different kinds of minerals from the earth, including coal, gold, copper, silver, granite, limestone, granite, salt, gravel, and many more. They work in every one of the fifty states, and provide the raw materials for heat, electricity, roads and bridges, and countless consumer products, from electronics to cosmetics. Even toothpaste is composed of minerals obtained by miners.

On National Miners Day, MSHA salutes the men and women who have chosen the occupation of mining, and we rededicate ourselves to doing all that we can to protect their safety and health. We encourage others to join us in honoring miners on this day, by making use of any of the materials provided on this page.

To read a post about National Miners Day on the Minerals Make Life blog, click here.  To view photos and read more about it on the U.S. Department of Labor’s MSHA website, click here.


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