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Federal Lands Issue Fact Sheet

Published on April 21, 2016

The AASG recently released a fact sheet detailing how important the mining industry is to our economy and to our level of security. Read it to understand how important it is to mine for resources within the U.S. Download it here.

NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_1 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_2 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_3 (1) NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_4 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_5 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_6 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_7 NMA_Mineral_Withdrawals-Fact_Sheet_Page_8


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