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Remember to Vote!

Idaho State Capitol

The United States of America has long been a beacon of democracy around the world – a nation founded on the rights of citizens to elect their representatives. Every election is important and an opportunity to help keep America on the right track.

Each election cycle we go through cycles of heated debate, mixed messages, and political spin. Despite all of this, it is your voice and your vote that matters most, and it is imperative that you take part in the democratic process by voting in Idaho’s elections. Don’t be silent, be a part of our democracy and make your voice heard in both the primary and general elections.

We encourage you to visit our special elections website. This website is designed to encourage our members and their employees, regardless of political affiliation, to exercise their civic duties to learn about political issues and to vote their conscience in the primary and general elections. This website does not endorse any specific political candidates, parties or causes.

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